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2014’s First Shop Meet!

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Oh boy, I just got home a moment ago, and I’m completely knackered.

Woke up at 8.15 in the morning after two hours of sleep (Pretty Little Liars, I’m blaming you for this.) after much snoozing and had to forgo washing my hair, putting on makeup or even straightening my hair to a decent state, because that would lead me to being late for a second time for my store meeting and that just wouldn’t do, would it?

Got off the train and bumped into Dani, and we headed to the store together where… just about everyone (well, almost) was already gathered. Got treated to breakfast by our oh so generous manager and started on what needed to be discussed soon after. Nothing really fancy or interesting, to be honest. I mean, does anyone really have anything major to say about the place they work at’s meetings? Didn’t think so.

Accompanied Mai after the meeting to get her hair straightener, and one thing led to another, and suddenly for some reason, we found ourselves at IMM, shopping for the randomest things at Daiso and checking out the goods at IMM’s many (factory?) outlet stores. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been there, despite it being in such close proximity to where I stay and oh my goodness, walking around there brings so much memories! Hanging out there with secondary school friends, spending time with my siblings there – it’s actually a pretty boring mall unless you come with good company, consider yourselves warned.

Finally got my eyebrows threaded after aeons and I feel prettier already. Go ahead, throw me a snide comment or two but ask any girl who actually cares about her appearance, and she will echo my sentiments: your eyebrows are the frames to your face, and a beautiful portrait deserves a frame of an equally high quality, right? Even the most well-crafted painting can have it’s allure undermined when it has a shoddy frame. I’m really sleepy and thinking about eyebrows is not helping.

Headed back to Mai’s place to hang out, met her mother and younger sister for the first time, and basically had a really good time. This is the girl that was amongst those who made my first few weeks of work a pretty miserable experience, and we come from different walks of life, but I’m legitimately really surprised at how well we click when it’s just the two of us, without any other other persons in the equation. I suppose when you get down to it, everyone’s a nice person on the inside, and that’s especially true when it comes to her. I don’t have any recent pictures of her, but this is from when we first got to know each other, and had a clean slate – I hope this is the start of both a great working and personal relationship between us!


It seems everyone around me (including me, lol) loves making ugly faces – wonder why?


Author: Diana N. Din

22, female, Singaporean. There's so much more to know than just my ASL. Like how I find informercials interesting, animated children's films more heart wrenching than the saddest adult film you can think of, how the mind of an extroverted introvert works and well, my life in general is pretty interesting if written about in the right way. Unless you're not into getting to know someone on a deeper level, and an ASL is all you need, then - kthxbai.

One thought on “2014’s First Shop Meet!

  1. i wonder why girls like to make ugly photos šŸ˜›

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