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In Relationships, I’m Done

And I’m not referring to BGRs, although, to be fair, I’m pretty much done with those as well.

I’m actually supposed to be revising, and the only reason why I came online on my mother’s laptop is actually to check out the proper term for something I’m learning, but I got distracted by Twitter, and here I am – oh, technology. How backwards you’ve made us!

I’ve gotten to the age where I’m totally done with drama, although looking back, I was just about done with it a long time ago – but it’s pretty difficult to escape, especially now that I’m in a class where I’m the oldest, and the youngest is either 3-4 years younger than I am.

It’s only been three weeks since school started, and two since lessons (yay!) started, and already there’s been class scandals and disputes, but seriously?

I don’t understand the need for some individuals to lie about their past experiences and background, just to fit in. If you’re a nice enough person, you’ll be accepted regardless – why set yourself up for the liability of being ostracized when your lies get discovered (and trust me, they will get discovered, sooner or later)?

Or the need for other individuals to constantly put others down just to feel better about themselves. If the only way you feel good about yourself is by making others feel or look bad, don’t you think that pretty much shows how superficial you are as a person? When you bitch about others, it reflects badly on you, please remember that. And while we’re on the topic of remembering, do note that if someone talks about others to you, they’re probably talking about you to others as well.

And now that I’m talking about staying sharp, stay sharp on the lookout for passive-aggressive folk cause gosh darn, if they aren’t the most emotionally draining and negative influence you will ever have in your life, since ever.

We all know the typical bullies, the ones who’d gang up on you, make jokes at your expense, throw things at you, so on and so forth – but passive-aggressive people? Oh Lord, please have mercy and save our souls. They can cut you down, make you feel like you’re a horrible excuse for a human being, just make you feel like a plastic bag (thank you Katy Perry, for that wise simile, where would I be without you?) – but when someone asks you why you dislike being around them, you can’t explain it to them without sounding feeble – they have to have been in your shoes to understand!

And it doesn’t just apply to bullies, it can apply to ‘basic’ (gurl, you ratchet, those shoes with that purse? Oh Lordy!) passive-aggressive people as well – and it’s just as tiring, trust me.

As much as I try to avoid conflict and drama, with a class full of girls it’s pretty difficult to avoid. I suppose I’ve just got to surround myself with positive vibes, and keep my eyes on the prize – a progression to either Singapore or Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I know I can do it, the issue is – will my fire burn bright or will it fizzle out?

Only God knows.




I haven’t been blogging for a week, and I blame it all on school, netball club and work. Truth be told I really have no idea how others my age and/or younger than me can cope with schooling full-time, with a co-curricular activity, and working part-time, all at the same time. Voiced out to my mother that I feel like I can’t juggle all these responsibilities, and that I want to quit my part-time job, and she agrees with me. Not too sure if that’s what I really want, but I’ll sit back and think on it first.

So this week has been pretty hunky dory. After my 5 days orientation with the School of Business, the Early Childhood freshmen had another day of orientation specifically for us, and my class finally got down to meeting the other ECH class. Nothing to really shout about, although I had to admit, having water games with our class advisors was pretty fun.

Tuesday has to be the highlight of this week, to be honest. Had our first day of proper lessons, finally, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I love lessons, I love learning, and truth be told, I love the stress before an exam, and the jubilation of finally getting your exam results and knowing you did splendidly. Pretty nerdish, to be honest, but hey, I heard nerds are in again, so…

Had netball tryouts afterwards, and I went with Maria, the vulgar girl, and it was such great fun! Got to play first with the seniors, and then against them, and the both of us got our names taken down for the coach, leading us to hope that we did well enough to be noticed. Oh, I do hope I get into the team!

Rushed down to my workplace after netball training to surprise my colleague, Melissa, because it was her last day of work at our outlet, and that was lovely (yet not lovely) as well. Hid in one of our fitting rooms while Wany went to call Mel out, saying that I was an unhappy customer, and when she came out bam! Hay gurl hay!

The rest of the week passed by in a blur, what with me sleeping immediately as I get home, too tired to even function properly, but as soon as something interesting happens, I’ll snap shots and blog about it alright?

P.s. my laptop charger’s short circuited, I think, and until I get a new charger I’ll have to make do with my mother’s. Bear with me!

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Orientation Thus Far

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days, my body clock’s still messed up and I’m adjusting to waking up early and actually doing things in the morning and having to repeat the cycle the next day. Used to go to bed at 6am and wake up at 2 in the afternoon but obviously that’s not going to be an option any longer.

Talking about the past days would take up a lot of time, so I think I’ll just blog about today – and a lot of things happened today, and I had so much fun!

Early in the morning we had a mascot challenge, where we had to dress up a member of our class to fit the theme of ‘fairytale’. We chose ‘unimaid’ – a unicorn + mermaid bastard child because apparently our class has an obsession with both, and poor Ruzaini was thrusted into the role. He was a really good sport about it though – what with having to wear a bra, a wig, makeup and whatnot…

2014-04-10 09.25.15

First we stuffed his bra – check out the amount of chicks around him doing so!
I want to say this must be a guy’s dream but I highly doubt so… 

Then we put on his pretty girl camouflage…

2014-04-10 09.32.28
Help him out with his wig, which was actually an otaku classmate’s Hatsune Miku cosplay wig –

2014-04-10 09.59.46
And lastly, what would a unicorn-mermaid be without his tusk?

IMG-20140410-WA0000 IMG-20140410-WA00042014-04-10 10.31.46

Took photos with him for posterity’s sake and damn he rocked that runway!

2014-04-10 10.29.03

Special mention: twerking fairy!
This guy’s super happening, had the whole hall cracking up! His confidence was super delightful, I swear.


Still think Ruzaini’s prettiest though.

Had a couple of talks after the mascot competition. The first one was about smoking if I’m not wrong. I completely understand why schools are for deterring students from taking up smoking, because let’s face it, it is a bad habit, both for your health, your pockets and what not, but come on, do you really think that all smokers are comically bad?

*walks with a swagger* “Hey, you, do you want to hang out with us cool kids? Look at us, we’re so exclusive, don’t you want to join? Just take a stick, that’s all it takes, come on, what do your ‘friends’ know, they’re not really your friends, take a stick and really live life!”

When in the world has that ever happened? 

Excuse me I don’t know about other countries, perhaps it might happen in Russia because they sound like baddies but it will never happen in Singapore, mark my words. for the reasons that

1. tobacco tax back in 2011 was at 67%, and recently there’s been a 10% tax hike – you think we so generous ah want give you a free stick?


Deterrent skits like that might work for primary school kids, but considering the current generation’s exposure to the media, even then, only the lower primary kids. And you’re showing this to us, young adults?

Why not make the storyline different, it doesn’t always have to be some smoker trying to induct a non-smoker in the most random encounters ever, and the smoker doesn’t always have to be preposterously bad. Why not instead of constantly preaching not to start smoking, why not skits about how to quit smoking instead, sure, prevention is better than cure, but oh Lord I’m so tired of these nonsensical attempts at trying to get youths to not smoke and I know I’m not the only one, ugh.

Moving on to better talks, we had an interactive skit where the cast would come into the audience to get our thoughts and opinions on how the next scene could be carried out, and it was pretty interesting, we discussed why our college gets so much flak, why the stereotypes exist and how we can beat the mentality.

2014-04-10 14.42.15
Rini got called up and I’m so glad that now everyone gets to see how insanely funny she is!
Can’t believe how coolly she did everything, mad props.

Truth be told the rest of them were not to our liking so we decided to camwhore instead.
I suppose karma’s a fast hitter though, cause majority of our photos turned out blurry.


Shout out to Maria, the one flipping the bird though – she was super shy and quiet when I met her but insanely sassy and loud now, constantly screaming and making jokes about anything and everything.
Not used to it yet but hey, every sandwich needs it’s chilli sauce right?


4/5 of the girls I’ve been glued to these past few days. 

Had a digital talk afterwards which again, was interactive. Talked about how what we do online affects real people, and that they have repercussions but I think everyone already knows that. Really interesting thing was how one of the actors was actually from Suria (Singaporean local channel for Malays):-

2014-04-10 15.58.26
Lady in the middle – I don’t recognize her but a couple others did, apparently!

Hung out with Rini after school, something which is occurring constantly since we first met. It’s pretty nice to have someone whom is new to you but you can just click very well with them, thanks to them being similar in mentalities and habits, but bounces off your dynamics – you know, introverts and extroverts, shy and outgoing, bitchy and sweet, so on and so forth?

Went to AMK Hub (which sucks, I’m sorry) to look for accessories for school but couldn’t find any so we just enjoyed each other’s company before heading home, where I am now, writing this post.

As much as I like writing and expressing myself, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to do so, what with how tired I am after school, and how little time I’m going to have to do so considering I have to wake up latest by 5am.

Let’s just hope things will get better, and/ or I get used to them soon.

Until my next post, enjoy my classmate, Maira’s pedoface!

I hope she never sees this –

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How To: Prank Your Freshmen

Step 1. Be a teacher, or class advisor, or any alternatives of the same degree

Step 2. Have your senior students not talk about school staff, unless directly asked

Step 3. Strip yourself of any makeup, hair product, and accessories that will make you stand out and wear the school uniform

Step 4. Have your senior students present you to the class as a late classmate

Step 5. Spend the whole day with them undercover, as a classmate

Step 6. Do not give out your phone number. 
(This is vital, so that no one can call you, and that could cause a sticky situation indeed!)

Step 7. Do not attend the next day of orientation.
(This is where step 6 comes into place, so that no one can text or call you, to ask you where you are. It could blow your cover!)

Step 8. Have your senior students inform the freshmen that they were going to meet their form teachers

Step 9. Turn up in full glory in your work wear

Step 10. Enjoy the looks of disbelief and confusion on your new students’ face

(tried and tested)


Orientation Day 1

So today marks the first day of school, but as we all know, when you enter a new school, you don’t get down immediately to studying. No, you go through orientation first, to help you get familiarized with the facilities, the places, the people, so on and so forth.

Considering all the other orientations I’ve been to were just a few days long, three at most, to hear that orientation for my new school, ITE College Central (School of Business) was going to take 5 days was insane, to say in the least.

Set my alarm for 5am, but because I had trouble falling asleep earlier on, I couldn’t rouse myself awake and kept on pressing on the snooze button until it became 6.15am and I was insanely late. Calmed myself down, just got down to getting ready as I would normally because we all know that first impressions matter, and that a girl would rather be late than ugly.

Left the house to grab a cab and the taxi driver was being so… shady, “If I were 30 years younger, I’d wait for you everyday under your block send you to school for free one, aiya why you so young?”

Now I’m not a stunner, nor am I the female equivalent of Quasimodo – pure average right here, and I know I should be flattered, but it’s just icky, especially with him constantly referring to my looks and my physicality, and randomly dropping sex as a subject. Major gross way to start the day.

Came into the meeting point about 15mins late but surprisingly, there were tons others later than I was! We were supposed to assemble by 8am, but we only took attendance at 8.45am – kind of feel like I should have taken more time in getting ready considering that others were tardier than I am but no that is a bad habit that I should not cultivate!

Started off the day with ice breakers, which are always fun, and I have to say that my classmates are an eclectic bunch – you have those who are really into Japanese culture, those who are loud and vivacious, those who are shy when you first meet them yet super sassy once you get them to lower their guards – I have to say I really like my class so far!

The number of chicks in my class = more than Einstein’s IQ.
I can’t help but fear the drama that will entail, oh Lord.

Had a small tour of the school afterwards, and I say small because the whole college is humongous! No exaggeration! Got lost the first time I came with mom, and I think I would have gotten lost again if I were not with the orientation group leaders.

Separated for a two hour lunch break afterwards where I legit thought food was going to be provided but meh, no dice, so I went with a small bunch of my new friends to a coffee shop that was near to our campus because the school’s foodcourts and what not were all full with new and current students alike.

Came back afterwards to a long series of presentation slides from the head of our school, from the counsellors, from the Queen of England and her royal dogs too. Believe me, it was long, I had to go to the washroom thrice in that time period just because the duration exceeded Rapunzel’s hair. Why do school figures do that? Weren’t they ever students before? Did they listen to everything back then? Well? Didn’t think so.


Told you we weren’t listening. I’m sorry!
We heard what you said loud and clear though, if that’s any consolation.

Ended the first day of orientation on time, and dropped by this tiny shopping centre which’s name I can’t quite recall at the moment (edit: Jubilee) to pick up a copy of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore because I managed to read a tiny bit of it thanks to a colleague lending it to me during my break time, and I really wanted to know the ending, and, well, because I didn’t want to just listen to music on the long train ride home.

It is now nearing 10pm and I’m absolutely knackered. I only hope I can sleep tonight.

Who knows what excitement tomorrow might bring!

Updates after the jump – I promise tomorrow’s post will be better thought out and with more pictures.

Nobody likes reading a lengthy post with no breaks in between, right?

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Introducing; Rhea Delilah!

Welcome to the world, little princess!

Everyone’s been waiting so long for you, and you finally arrived three days ago!

After hearing all these scary stories about how long childbirth can take, I’m glad to hear that Lina had a smooth and uncomplicated birth, alhamdulillah!


It’s kind of a shock, to be honest, I mean sure, I knew she was carrying a child all these months, and that there was a living (soon to be) person inside of her belly, but to see a tiny little human is pretty awe-inspiring and, at the same time, freaky.

Really wanted to hold her, and cuddle her, but with her being so… young I really felt scared. What if I did something wrong, what if I hurt her? No way, I’d rather not take the risk, as saddening as it was.


It’s only when she’s sleeping that Rhea doesn’t wave her arms about!

Was not able to visit Lina and Wan at the hospital due to work commitments, but I’m glad I finally got to see the happy family today, hope I’ll be as lucky as them in future, insyaallah.



It’s only now that I’m home and have had time to process everything that I kind of realize… I probably shouldn’t have had visited them in their bedroom – privacy of a newly wed and newborn and what not. I suppose I am pretty daft when it comes to social norms. Meh.

It was pretty interesting asking Wan’s parents how they felt about Rhea’s coming into this world. “So… what does it feel like being grandparents now?”

Feels the same, just that there’s one more person in the house”

I can only hope my parents/ in-laws will be this nonchalant when the time comes for me to grow up, get married and start a family. We all know how insane Asians (especially Malays!) when it comes to babies, right? You start on your journey on becoming a mother, and suddenly everyone’s an expert.

No, no, my post is supposed to be filled with positivity! Oh, I’m so excited to see Rhea grow up! I really wonder how she’s going to be like around her uncle Aniq! Now there’s two little kids to join in the big brothers’ and big sisters’ outings, swell!

I have no idea how to end this post, so I shall end it abruptly.

Like this.