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Orientation Day 1


So today marks the first day of school, but as we all know, when you enter a new school, you don’t get down immediately to studying. No, you go through orientation first, to help you get familiarized with the facilities, the places, the people, so on and so forth.

Considering all the other orientations I’ve been to were just a few days long, three at most, to hear that orientation for my new school, ITE College Central (School of Business) was going to take 5 days was insane, to say in the least.

Set my alarm for 5am, but because I had trouble falling asleep earlier on, I couldn’t rouse myself awake and kept on pressing on the snooze button until it became 6.15am and I was insanely late. Calmed myself down, just got down to getting ready as I would normally because we all know that first impressions matter, and that a girl would rather be late than ugly.

Left the house to grab a cab and the taxi driver was being so… shady, “If I were 30 years younger, I’d wait for you everyday under your block send you to school for free one, aiya why you so young?”

Now I’m not a stunner, nor am I the female equivalent of Quasimodo – pure average right here, and I know I should be flattered, but it’s just icky, especially with him constantly referring to my looks and my physicality, and randomly dropping sex as a subject. Major gross way to start the day.

Came into the meeting point about 15mins late but surprisingly, there were tons others later than I was! We were supposed to assemble by 8am, but we only took attendance at 8.45am – kind of feel like I should have taken more time in getting ready considering that others were tardier than I am but no that is a bad habit that I should not cultivate!

Started off the day with ice breakers, which are always fun, and I have to say that my classmates are an eclectic bunch – you have those who are really into Japanese culture, those who are loud and vivacious, those who are shy when you first meet them yet super sassy once you get them to lower their guards – I have to say I really like my class so far!

The number of chicks in my class = more than Einstein’s IQ.
I can’t help but fear the drama that will entail, oh Lord.

Had a small tour of the school afterwards, and I say small because the whole college is humongous! No exaggeration! Got lost the first time I came with mom, and I think I would have gotten lost again if I were not with the orientation group leaders.

Separated for a two hour lunch break afterwards where I legit thought food was going to be provided but meh, no dice, so I went with a small bunch of my new friends to a coffee shop that was near to our campus because the school’s foodcourts and what not were all full with new and current students alike.

Came back afterwards to a long series of presentation slides from the head of our school, from the counsellors, from the Queen of England and her royal dogs too. Believe me, it was long, I had to go to the washroom thrice in that time period just because the duration exceeded Rapunzel’s hair. Why do school figures do that? Weren’t they ever students before? Did they listen to everything back then? Well? Didn’t think so.


Told you we weren’t listening. I’m sorry!
We heard what you said loud and clear though, if that’s any consolation.

Ended the first day of orientation on time, and dropped by this tiny shopping centre which’s name I can’t quite recall at the moment (edit: Jubilee) to pick up a copy of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore because I managed to read a tiny bit of it thanks to a colleague lending it to me during my break time, and I really wanted to know the ending, and, well, because I didn’t want to just listen to music on the long train ride home.

It is now nearing 10pm and I’m absolutely knackered. I only hope I can sleep tonight.

Who knows what excitement tomorrow might bring!

Updates after the jump – I promise tomorrow’s post will be better thought out and with more pictures.

Nobody likes reading a lengthy post with no breaks in between, right?


Author: Diana N. Din

22, female, Singaporean. There's so much more to know than just my ASL. Like how I find informercials interesting, animated children's films more heart wrenching than the saddest adult film you can think of, how the mind of an extroverted introvert works and well, my life in general is pretty interesting if written about in the right way. Unless you're not into getting to know someone on a deeper level, and an ASL is all you need, then - kthxbai.

3 thoughts on “Orientation Day 1

  1. Best of luck Dear 😛 I hope you will enjoy 😛

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