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I feel like I’ve been a complete asshole (pardon my French) this week. I’m constantly doing or saying mean things to people, apologizing afterwards but doing it yet again the next day. This is not a healthy thing for me to do, but I can’t help it.

Actually, yes I can – saying ‘I can’t help it’ is such a passive and defeatist attitude. I have to admit, I’m quite a quick-tempered, insecure, and moody person, and although everything that I’m insecure about has something to do with what has happened in the past, the people in the present do not know of it. How is it their fault that they do things that I’m not comfortable with, if they don’t even know that I’m not comfortable with it? 

It’s about time I grew up and stopped blaming everything that I do as a result of the past. 


Author: Diana N. Din

22, female, Singaporean. There's so much more to know than just my ASL. Like how I find informercials interesting, animated children's films more heart wrenching than the saddest adult film you can think of, how the mind of an extroverted introvert works and well, my life in general is pretty interesting if written about in the right way. Unless you're not into getting to know someone on a deeper level, and an ASL is all you need, then - kthxbai.

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