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Of Rojak and Malay Superstitions

Rojak is life.

Or close enough, at least. The other day, the ‘senior’ part-timers for my store went out for lunch and just a hanging out/ catching up session in general.

It’s really difficult to do so since we have other commitments like school and family and of course, work, the place where we met and became friends so I’m really happy we got to make this happen!




From left to right, there’s Ziela, Hazel and Hajar.

After our lunch of rojak, we sat down at Lorong Di and just… talked. I can’t stress how much I love hanging out with friends doing nothing much but just enjoying each other’s company.

We headed off to Hazel’s place to watch a movie and let me just abruptly change the topic to Malay superstitions and supernatural beings.

The movie we watched was called Nasi Tangas and it’s about a woman who is jealous of the relationship between her husband and his female best friend.


To get his attention back, she decides to feed him nasi kangkang (straddle rice). The method of preparation is that she takes freshly cooked rice, places it on the floor and stands on top of it without undergarments on, straddling it somehow so that the steam from the rice rises up, condenses and the steam that drips into the rice contains traces of her privates.

Supposedly whoever eats this rice will obey the maker’s every command.

That’s just insane, there are two other nasi kangkang variations (even grosser ones tbh) that were shown in this movie but to keep it short and simple I won’t elaborate on them.

Idk where all these black magic spells and potions come from but dang son, if your man is straying do you really need to feed him rice mixed with your juices? That’s just plain nasty!

Does your culture have crazy superstitions like this, or is it just mine? Do share, I’d be interested to know!



Alobon Perfect Lipstick

So the other day I got these three lipsticks from Mustafa Centre and I’ve worn each of them at least once. Here’s what I think of them.


It comes in a squared bottom light gold tube with the words ‘Alobon Perfect Lipstick’ printed on it, and a clear casing for the top.

Colour codes are printed at the bottom as per the norm.

(As you can see, the middle lipstick’s got a bit messed up – the cover came off in my makeup bag and it got mushed up and dirtied up the rest of my makeup slightly. Not too sure if I forgot to cap it on properly or the cover itself is slightly loose.)


From left to right:

Shade 323: a warm orange which translates to a bright yet ‘safe’ colour once applied to the lips.

Shade 321: a cool mix between maroon and berry, reminiscent of my mother’s Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD305.

Shade 319: a cool pinkish-mauve that I really like for everyday looks as this matches really well with both minimal and heavy eye makeup.

First things first, the pigmentation is fabulous. Just one swipe would be enough for your lips to be vibrant and the colour stays true to the bullet. The formulation goes on smoothly and it gives a slight shine at first, settling down to a slightly matte effect afterwards.

However, it is quite a drying lipstick and you would definitely need to apply lip balm before and during the day for touch ups.

The colour lasts quite a while and I find myself not having to touch up for at least 4 hours but I typically do so anyway because of my lips drying out.

There is also a slight powdery-floral scent to the bullet, it is pleasant to me but for those who prefer their cosmetics to be unscented, this might be a tad offsetting.

In essence I find it a pretty decent lipstick for it’s price point, and I would recommend it for those who’d want to try certain colours first before laying down the cash for better known brands.

I got it for S$3.80 for each tube at Mustafa Centre.


Turban Try Outs

So the other day, the head of my brand came down to my outlet to talk to me.

Nah, don’t worry! It was just to advise me. Apparently, I’m the first hijabi in Dorothy Perkins and I wasn’t aware of the guidelines (or that they even existed!) for hijabs. Instead of our normal shawl draping our heads falling down to our chests, we (this sounds weird while I’m typing it since it’s only me) have to style our shawls into turbans.

Initially I was upset as I don’t know how to style a turban – heck, I’ve never even watched videos on it since I never was interested in them after all but after trying it out to work, I’m quite happy I gave it a try!


This was yesterday’s basic throwover turban. Perfect for lazy days!


And this is today’s knot and twist turban! This look takes little to no effort and I really like how it turned out.

Can you believe it’s my first try? Allow me to humble brag (what an oxymoron), I’m really happy with my look today! Perfect for those days when you’re feeling lazy but you still wanna look like you do care.

Can’t wait to try out more turban looks in future and learn how to accessorize my turbans!

Until next time!

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Mustafa Haul!

Yay, so I’ve just gotten back from a whole day of being out and I finally got to head over to Mustafa Centre with my Abang Angah!

Spent about an hour there just looking at perfumes, make-up, electronics and watches and this is what I got!


A new perfume, Police Women Passion, a scent I used back when I was a teenager and suddenly got the hankering to wear for work so I can smell fresh and sweet.

Inecto Pure Coconut shampoo and conditioner – first time trying it out so I hope it goes well. Was contemplating between this or the Pure Argan range as I knew Argan oil is good for the hair but decided on this instead as it smelled better.

Three new Alobon Perfect Lipsticks in shades 321, 323 and 319 respectively from left to right and a Gabrini waterproof lip liner in shade 30.

I’m really excited to try out the lip products as the colors were chosen for me by my brother and they are all shades that are new to me, that I’ve never worn before so I hope it goes well!

But what I’m most happy about amongst all my purchases has to be my new Casio watch – it’s really pretty to me as the second hand has a heart shape on it. It’s a really subtle touch and I like it as it can go really well with a lot of outfits due to it’s simplicity.


Photo taken from Chictopia.

I’m really happy about this purchase because when I first saw it online being sold on Carousell, it was being sold for $28. I just tried my luck at Mustafa Centre as I saw that they had a whole booth dedicated to Casio watches. Lo and behold, I found it being sold for $19, almost $10 cheaper than the online price and I could get it immediately!

Instant gratification is where it’s at.

Will most probably do a thoughts post on the lip products soon – stay tuned for that!

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Sins of the Father

Doesn’t the title just scream incest, whips and rape? Nah, just got reminded of a Marian Keyes novel.

I’ve just ended my counselling session and today we talked about my relationship with my father. My father and I, we were never close. Growing up, I believed that my father resented me because I was a surprise child. This was further reinforced by my observation of how differently my siblings individually and I were treated. He’d ask my brothers for help, ask them to accompany him to places and he used to extend the invitation to me until I grew up – I guess he just didn’t know how to deal with an angsty teenage girl.

He would never praise or encourage us, rather he would chastise us if we were to do wrong in his eyes – the reality could be different to my siblings, but this is what I remember of my childhood.

To get a reaction out of him, I used to hang out late with the older teenagers or not come home occasionally but I never did get the reaction I wanted. I wanted him to ask me where I was, who I was out with, what I was doing – I just wanted some verbal confirmation that he cared. I just wanted to know I was loved.

Reflecting now it’s almost juvenile the methods I tried to get his affection. Almost like a textbook case of acting out in order to get attention, but that was what I did.

Fast forward to now, that I’m 21 years old, not a rebellious teen who thinks she knows everything anymore and I’m seeking help for my personal issues. What came up as a theme for discussion was my relationship with my father and how it links to my relationships with boys and men and it was truly an eye opening talk, to say in the least. My father and I have a 44 year age gap between us and he was raised by very traditional Malays who in those days strongly believed that men were to play a central figure while women were to play a back-up role: to serve to the needs and wants of the central figure. I may not like it but I understand my father’s parenting and ‘husbanding’ style better now –

It’s not his fault that he is the way he is, it’s the way he was brought up and conditioned to act and feel, especially as he grew up in a war-filled environment (the Japanese occupation of Singapore, 1942-1946).

At the end of the day, it would be difficult for me to change him but what I can change is how I deal with it.

I just want to share a phrase I found online that I really like and can connect with:-


Until next time, then.

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21st Dinner

So I just got home from having dinner at JEM’s Laksania with my mother and two bothers (love you guys) and I am knackered.

It’s my 21st birthday today but it feels like just another day – I guess that’s part and parcel of growing up. I’m glad to have been in the company of my family and to have been able to spend time with them, it’s not often we have meals together; both at home and outside so when we do, I feel blessed.


My mother exclaimed that she looked like my grandmother in these Polaroids.
Considering that’s her mother… well alright mak.


Pretty rare to have a picture with my Abang Anjang, Haikal smiling so I really like this. Gonna pin it to my memory board.

I’m currently just chilling on my bed, waiting for the update on whether my Abang Angah wants to go to Mustaffa Centre or not. I hope he does – I’ve been meaning to go for the longest time!

Until the next time, bye!

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21 in 2015

To be honest, 2014 was a pretty rough year for me, from entering a new school, making new friends, falling out of contact (or is it just falling out, period?) with existing friends, trying to deal with past mistakes, making new ones and finally understanding that I have not gotten closure after 24th August – it’s been pretty much a roller coaster.

I’m glad to say that I’m seeking help now for my adjustment disorder but I’ve been avoiding school and the people there and I’m really just so unsure of what to do about the whole situation.

The solution seems pretty clear and straightforward but I’ve always been a coward when it comes to taking responsibility.

I think I still need some time on my own.