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21st Dinner

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So I just got home from having dinner at JEM’s Laksania with my mother and two bothers (love you guys) and I am knackered.

It’s my 21st birthday today but it feels like just another day – I guess that’s part and parcel of growing up. I’m glad to have been in the company of my family and to have been able to spend time with them, it’s not often we have meals together; both at home and outside so when we do, I feel blessed.


My mother exclaimed that she looked like my grandmother in these Polaroids.
Considering that’s her mother… well alright mak.


Pretty rare to have a picture with my Abang Anjang, Haikal smiling so I really like this. Gonna pin it to my memory board.

I’m currently just chilling on my bed, waiting for the update on whether my Abang Angah wants to go to Mustaffa Centre or not. I hope he does – I’ve been meaning to go for the longest time!

Until the next time, bye!


Author: Diana N. Din

22, female, Singaporean. There's so much more to know than just my ASL. Like how I find informercials interesting, animated children's films more heart wrenching than the saddest adult film you can think of, how the mind of an extroverted introvert works and well, my life in general is pretty interesting if written about in the right way. Unless you're not into getting to know someone on a deeper level, and an ASL is all you need, then - kthxbai.

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