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Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Tan-Deep Sand Review

For this foundation, the main reason why I was lemming for it so badly and actually got it is because of YouTube – land of reviews and enticement. Saw that quite a few oily and acne prone girls liked it, and when I saw that one of my favourite YouTubers when it came to foundation reviews, sarireanna had used it for a acne coverage foundation routine video, I knew I had to have it.

So, after being shade matched by a BA at Sephora, I got my foundation in Tan-Deep Sand, a shade that’s described as for ‘tan to deep skin with yellow undertones’ which pretty much describes me, considering how tan I’ve gotten after facilitating a number of adventure camps back to back.

A bit surprising tbh considering I’m not exactly extremely dark when it comes to Singaporean ladies let alone ladies of the broad spectrum of colours around the world yet I’m in the fifth darkest shade for their selection but ay, they’ve got 25 shades so I suppose a majority of ladies will find their shade one way or another!

Here’s a picture of my bare skin with only moisturiser on, for reference to see the canvas that we’re working with:


Majority of my skin’s trouble are red bumps on my cheeks and chin as well as blackheads that are spread over my cheeks sporadically. Sprinkling of milia around my forehead and temple area as well, although those are dissipating right now.

So this is what the foundation looks like on it’s own, without concealer on my blemishes, only an orange color corrector for my upper lip as it’s pretty dark and if left unattended, leaves me looking extremely messy (what a queen word to say) at the end of the night-


One layer all over, and another layer specifically on my cheeks and chin to cover up my blemishes. Coverage is pretty decent although not as full as I expected due to it being a full coverage foundation but it can be layered without looking cakey, and I like how natural it keeps my skin looking – soft matte rather than full on matte.


Works well with other makeup products, as shown with my full face of makeup here and I’m glad I got the shade that I did because I find that it matches well with not just my face but my neck as well – it’s at this point that I must say that despite the shade description saying that it has yellow undertones, I still find that it looks pretty pink on me and when layered with my powder, looks orange but oxidises beautifully after 10mins.

If you find that the foundation is too light or pink, don’t worry about it! I did initially but it turned out fine.

Time check after full face is applied: 3:30pm.

For reference, here’s what I used for my base:


Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer, LA Girl Pro Conceal in orange corrector,  Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Foundation in Tan-Deep Sand applied with a damp beauty blender, MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC42 and UD All Nighter setting spray.

Staying Power

So here’s my first check in after approx. 4 hours of wear where I was in a open air environment with fans to keep cool –


Update at 7:10pm.

Had to take a picture in the toilet because I don’t wanna seem so incredibly vain (although that’s what I am) in front of others in public HAHA

Slight shine forming on nose already which I blotted with one ply of facial tissue paper, not much to update on apart from that.


Update at 11:20pm.

Second check in, approx. 8 hours after full face was applied.

This is after watching a movie in the cinema, heading out for a quick smoke and popping back in for another movie (HAHAHA I don’t do this often, in fact this is my first time so don’t think I’m so boliao with nothing better to do okay!) and I can start to see that my blemishes are peeking through now, with the foundation fading off slightly on my spots. More apparent on my cheeks rather than my chin and nose is starting to get oily (again), as well as my forehead this time.

Again, blotted with a ply of facial tissue paper and continued with my day.


Update at 4am.

So the foundation claims it can last 12 hours? Let’s see about that. It has been 12.5hours since my full face was applied and this is how the foundation held up throughout the day.

Blemishes on cheeks and chin can be seen but overall face still looks put together to a certain extent. Nose and forehead slightly oily but that is to be expected since it’s been a full day and I have naturally oily skin.

In conclusion

Pretty decent foundation which provides good medium to buildable full coverage, commendable shade selection, lovely oil control (the fact that I just got oily on my T-zone and not my cheeks as well is really good in my books!) and it comes in a squeeze tube packaging so you can really get all of the product out –

I’d recommend with confidence this foundation to my friends who have oily skin, not necessarily those with acne to give it a whirl, and also to those who are looking for cruelty free makeup.

If you’ve got exceptionally oily due to dehydrated-oily skin like mine, just remember to bring along tissue paper (try to refrain from using blotting sheets! they soak up too much oil) or powder to control your shine.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing and doing a wear test for it!

Until next time,
xo, D.


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Recent Foundation Rotations

Been quite some time since my last update but I’ve got some good ish to share with you guys!

While I was gone, I’ve picked up a few foundations that are currently in my arsenal that I reach for when it comes to different occasions, and these are the foundations in question:


Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and Marc Jacobs ReMarcable Foundation Concentrate

Best part is, because it’s currently Ramadan and Syawal is coming up soon, I’ll be able to do a review on each of them pretty soon, with the first one coming up tomorrow!

Stay tuned if you wanna know what I think and how these different foundations look like and last on my dehydrated oily acne prone skin!

xoxo, D.

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How I Got ELDW To Work For Me

As the title states, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup (ELDW) didn’t work for me initially at all on it’s own, mainly that it didn’t cover my blemishes, stayed tacky after application and made me oily at the end of a few minutes.

I was disappointed as virtually everyone else who used this claimed it kept them oil-free and their skin looked flawless throughout the day. It didn’t for me. At all.

But I was determined to make it work so I tried it again afterwards and here’s what I have to say!

I’m wearing it with a full face of makeup today, armed with tips from the Internet.

Read on reddit that silicone based foundations work best with silicone based primers, and that the ELDW pairs best with the Smashbox Photo Finish one – homie I ain’t got the funds to be dropping for one product. I do have the Monistat Chafing Relief Gel-Powder that’s supposedly a dupe so…

Here’s what I used for my base today –


Aforementioned ‘primer’ (IT’S NOT VAG STUFF GUYS HAHAHA), NYX Matte Finish setting spray and bareMinerals Mineral Veil.

I’ve tried it before under an A/C environment and I’m trying it out today in the sun + A/C. Hopefully it works just as well!


Here’s how my skin looks like with just sunscreen on.


Immediately after application. Time check: 2.30pm.

I find that my blemishes are covered better now that I’ve put concealer beforehand and lowered my expectations (when you have pimples, the best you can do is reduce redness, the bumps aren’t gonna magically disappear, duh).

Quite happy with how my skin looks like even under natural sunlight as seen from my Snapchat:


Let’s just see how it wears!

Here’s how it looks like at 7.05pm about 15mins after blotting my face with an oil blotting sheet:


And now, 11pm:


Slight shine on nose, forehead and under my cheeks but pretty good overall!

This was after 8.5 hours during which I shopped in an open air mall (Bugis Street), watched a movie and cried (ya I always cry – think I’m emotional) ((omg guys 1965 was a good movie)), and walked for 15mins from the MRT station back home and sweated a bit so I’d like to think I really gave this foundation a good wearing.

In conclusion I’d like to say foundations, no matter how good they are still need a proper base and setting spray/powder for it to be maintained throughout the day – for skin as oily as mine that is.

Gonna move on to my next product tryout, do stay tuned!

Xoxo, Diana.

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ELDW: First Impression

So I recently got the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup to try out after careful consideration as I was looking for a full coverage, stays matte foundation for my sensitive oily acne-prone skin and after watching tons of YouTube videos and reading reviews on makeupalley and blogs, I decided on this.

It wasn’t cheap, at S$58 for a bottle, so I’m really hoping it would work out.

I chose 3W2 Cashew to match my NC40 skin, and here’s how it looks like on:


This is with no primer, no concealer, no powder nor setting spray as I really wanted to see how it performs on it’s own. I’m not too impressed thus far as it doesn’t really cover up my acne or scarring on my cheeks too well and it stays tacky even after 5mins.

For reference: I applied it with a dense flat top kabuki today in a stippling motion.

Time check: 5:15pm.

So I’ve just came back from watching Paper Towns at JEM with my Abang Anjang, walked about, cried (John Green you suck but I love you) popped into the pasar malam there to get snacks for the family and I’m back and I’m pretty annoyed with how my skin looks and feels right now.


Time check: 10.15pm

For a foundation that claims to be last 15 hours of wear I’m pretty annoyed that it’s gotten this oily just after 5 hours of wear and started to get shiny minutes after application. That’s appalling. It also feels ‘sticky’ somewhat and is slick to the touch.

I didn’t blot whatsoever except with a tissue paper for my nose at approximately 6.50pm and I’m still quite upset but I’m determined to make this work.

I didn’t drop 58 bucks for a dud, heck no.

Read somewhere that ELDW looks best with a silicone based primer underneath, so I’ll try that for work tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Xoxo, Diana.