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Sneak Preview: Australis Cosmetics


So I recently got one Australis Velourlips matte lip cream in Shang-hi!, liked it so much I went out and got another and just decided to get more products by them as I just really like what I swatched from their display.

Will do a full review for my next post, do stay tuned!

Xoxo, Diana.


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Haul: Skincare and Cosmetics

Hello world!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been swamped with work, with Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr that has just passed – tbh these are more excuses than reasons but I’ll make it up to you, promise!

So I had the day off today and decided to visit my good friend Kela at NEX so that we could grab lunch together, and go shopping after she ends work, and this mall seriously did some damage to my bank account.

There’s just too many good shopping opportunities here, I can’t even. I’m not here to promote the mall but dang son, I was spoilt for choice.

Especially since there’s a sale being held at the atrium by Sasa! Here’s what I got:


For skincare I grabbed the Combos Skin Tea Tree Balancing Mask and Pomegranate Whitening Mask as there was not only a reduction of price (from $16.90 to $11.90 for a box), there was also a promotion of buy 1 get 1 free. Grab!

I also threw the SaSaTinnie Snail Rejuvenating Face Mask into my basket after some consideration as I’ve been seeing snail extracts being lauded on YouTube and beauty blogs literally everywhere so I just had to. It helped that each mask was $2, buy 5 get 3 free. Hope this will be good! *fingers crossed*

Got a konjac sponge because I’ve never tried one ever despite all of the claims of it’s benefits (gently exfoliates the skin, kills acne causing bacteria, balances the skin’s pH)… truthfully? I just bought it because it was fun to squeeze.

Got the Raspberry Sherbet Body Scrub by Beauty Buffet as I noticed my body has been very berdaki recently like tons of dead skin errwhere (ugh gross) and

the Coastal Scents Brush Shampoo Cleanser as I’ve been washing my brushes with my own hair shampoo and I just wanna get the right tools for my beauty tools, you know?

Phew. Quite a fair bit right?

But that’s not all!

I also got some beauty products that I’m just so excited to use soon!


The NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette because I really want to be experimenting with contouring more and the three bronzing powders that I’ve got just aren’t to my liking. The only highlight I’ve got at the moment is my Benefit High Beam and I’m just not feeling it. So yes!

The Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12-hr perfecting primer because I really need a good primer that can control my oils, fill in my pores and let’s be real here, I was deliberating between this and the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer but decided on this as it was 1. Cheaper (hehe) and 2. The color correcting version for the Smashbox primer didn’t have as good reviews as this. So excited to give it a try!

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Shang-Hi! Isn’t the name just adorable?! Really liking berry tones recently and since I don’t have any matte lipsticks in my collection I decided to add this in.

My first ever high end product omgimspazzingeek so I’ve been having really bad breakouts recently, not too sure if it’s my hormones, stress or my skin purging from my skincare routine (Cetaphil + Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning, Kojic Acid Soap in the evening) but I found that my current two liquid foundations just aren’t cutting it anymore. Been seeing rave reviews on this so I decided to pick it up and *crosses fingers* hope that it works for me as it has for so many others!

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray just in case the primer and foundation can’t beat my oily skin.

The Beauty Blender because I just want to try applying foundation with a sponge rather than brushes as I’ve been doing thus far and lastly

The Coastal Scents BR-C-S48  Classic Tapered Kabuki Stick because I want to try applying my contour powders with a dense dome brush. Maybe it’ll end well, maybe it won’t but I sure won’t regret adding another kabuki brush to my arsenal.

And that’s it! I’ll definitely be posting up first impressions, reviews and updates soon, so it’s a date yeah?

See you soon!

Xoxo, Diana.

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Mustafa Haul!

Yay, so I’ve just gotten back from a whole day of being out and I finally got to head over to Mustafa Centre with my Abang Angah!

Spent about an hour there just looking at perfumes, make-up, electronics and watches and this is what I got!


A new perfume, Police Women Passion, a scent I used back when I was a teenager and suddenly got the hankering to wear for work so I can smell fresh and sweet.

Inecto Pure Coconut shampoo and conditioner – first time trying it out so I hope it goes well. Was contemplating between this or the Pure Argan range as I knew Argan oil is good for the hair but decided on this instead as it smelled better.

Three new Alobon Perfect Lipsticks in shades 321, 323 and 319 respectively from left to right and a Gabrini waterproof lip liner in shade 30.

I’m really excited to try out the lip products as the colors were chosen for me by my brother and they are all shades that are new to me, that I’ve never worn before so I hope it goes well!

But what I’m most happy about amongst all my purchases has to be my new Casio watch – it’s really pretty to me as the second hand has a heart shape on it. It’s a really subtle touch and I like it as it can go really well with a lot of outfits due to it’s simplicity.


Photo taken from Chictopia.

I’m really happy about this purchase because when I first saw it online being sold on Carousell, it was being sold for $28. I just tried my luck at Mustafa Centre as I saw that they had a whole booth dedicated to Casio watches. Lo and behold, I found it being sold for $19, almost $10 cheaper than the online price and I could get it immediately!

Instant gratification is where it’s at.

Will most probably do a thoughts post on the lip products soon – stay tuned for that!