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Innisfree Long Wear Cushion

So recently I went out and got myself the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion in shade #31 because I’ve always been curious about how a cushion BB pact/ foundation would work.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a shade for me, considering I’m considered pretty tan due to my being Malay, and with Korean skincare and makeup normally being targeted towards the fairer skinned girls.


This is what it looks like – everything’s really simple, from the box it came in, to the pact itself, coming in a off white pact with words stating precisely what it is.

I got it at S$34 for the pact and 15ml of product inside, with refills at $20 each. I didn’t get the refill as I was getting this product to try but 15ml seems very little, considering most foundations normally come in 30ml but we’ll see how it goes!


My first impression was meh, tbh. Coverage was very sheer, that was the first thing I noticed about it. I was unsatisfied with the coverage one layer gave me, so I decided to pat my MAC studio fix powder plus on top to give myself a bit more colour and coverage.

Had to touch up about 4 hours in, due to some shine on my nose and cheeks and this is what it looks like after a day, approximately 8 hours in the evening, in mainly airconditioning areas:


Tbh I completely forgot about keeping myself updated because I wasn’t happy with the product. I was really expecting it to fail on me but after the touch up I realised I liked how it looked!

So after that day I actually decided to give it another try, as I read that with BB cushions, if you were to want more coverage, you’d need to pat in your first layer, wait for that to dry before patting in another layer and this is how my attempt looked:


Top right is what it looks like in natural sun conditions, while the others were in indoor conditions. Still not perfect coverage but perfect for going out casually out for lunch or what not – it oxidises to match my neck better after some time being out and about which I appreciated. Don’t wanna look like you’re wearing a mask!

Also, for the second attempt I set my face with Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. Products from the same brand should work best together, right?


In semi-sunny condition.

All in all, I understand that a bb cushion is, a BB cream in cushion form and I shouldn’t expect too much in terms of perfect shade selection, coverage and longevity. For my first bb cushion, this Innisfree one did pretty well!

Or at least, I’m not mad at it! Hahaha! Looking forward to trying other products from Innisfree!